Making Make Believe Believeable

When building a character

their soul is within the soles of their shoes

said the master Stanislavski to his acting students

and to act means

to just stop acting

just find the penny hidden on the stage

don’t pretend to find it

Shakespeare knew we are all actors upon the stage

and we all know Shakespeare’s right

still when we put a camera right in front of us

we take a left at reality

and go right into acting

and all that comes out is photocopied memories

when we enter a room or a stage with an idea of how we’re going to react

we’re faking our own surprise party


and you seemed shocked

though you’re not

and the ones who know you best know you’re not

because you knew what was waiting behind the door

all emotions, if honest are involuntary

and that’s what makes great acting great

letting go

and trusting you’ll find light behind the dark door

we did at birth

we trust at death

so what’s to stop us in life?

Only us.

8 thoughts on “Making Make Believe Believeable

      1. yourothermotherhere

        No matter. You work your alchemy on a bit of matter up there in your tower resulting many times not in iron pyrite, but in true gold.

      2. Anonymous

        Hmm, people don’t always recognize talent when they see it.

        Walt Disney was fired by a newspaper editor because he “he lacked imagination and had no good ideas.”

        Einstein didn’t speak until he was four or read until he was seven which made his teachers think he was mentally handicapped, slow and anti-social.

        Socrates was called “an immoral corrupter of youth” and was sentenced to death.

        Send your chemistry teacher your blog address!

      3. cottonbombs Post author

        I guess I sold out to convention. I do not know, sometimes they just want to come out in patterns. I find it is better to listen to the poem than the poem listen to me.

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