The Face’s Best Before Date

The invention of continents is as brittle as

the invention of time

as twelve o’clock does not feel itself turn into one

cross a bridge in Istanbul

as Europe becomes Asia

we always ask on our birthdays:

“Do you feel any older?”

and we panic at forty and at fifty

but by sixty we’re looking forward to seventy

and by seventy we’re praying for eighty

as our bones grow more fragile

our hearts grow more resolute

as the earth shifts beneath our feet

tectonic eruptions

reinvented Pangea

some time ago

before we sat down and drew horizons on the sky

and divided the day into two halves of twelve hours

six of one and one half dozen of the other

and though time is linear

there is no straight line to the beginning of time before time

cause time is a cloud

nothing something expanding nothing something expanding

nothing defines time more than the lines upon our faces

still with reincarnation

who’s to age the body we now grace?

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