You Have a Fat Soul

Some people some times

would rather die than tell you their weight.

I worked in Alaska helping tourists on and off helicopters

to tour glaciers

part of my job was to ask people’s weight

cause helicopters are sensitive things

we are truly not supposed to fly like that

so it’s very important to get the right weight distribution to ensure we don’t crash and die

we’d explain this to the tourists before asking them quietly for their weight

and still people would lie

I remember asking this one woman who was 400 pounds easily

she tells me she’s 120 pounds

I ask her again

smiling, reminding her the grave reason it is so important for her to tell us her true weight

“Well, I had just a salad for lunch, so, I’d say I’m about to 120 pounds,” she says.

“Ma’am, if the helicopter is even fifty pounds overweight it is very dangerous. If we are over 300 pounds overweight we are sure to crash and die meaning you will die, your husband will die, your kids will die, and me and Bob the pilot will die, madam, please, it is crucial you be as accurate as possible, how much do you weigh?”

“I told you! 120 pounds!”

Why is it more embarrassing to expose an out of shape body

than an out of shape soul?

Your body is your business until its weight can crush mine own

and you would rather die than admit a secret that most of us can guess at:

you have a weight issue

and the issue is not that you are obese

the issue is that you lie about it putting five other people’s lives at risk

so, I put her down for 400 pounds

trusting my eyes above her words

hoping we could fly above this lie and our world

without crashing so low as to hide our weight

the weight of the world weighs in this woman’s gut

when the physical far outweighs the metaphysical.

6 thoughts on “You Have a Fat Soul

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      It was the greatest way to start and finish a day of work: a helicopter ride above the Alaskan forest. In between were 10-13 hours of shivering on a glacier. If this isn’t a metaphor for something I’m out of faith for metaphors.

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      I think you are exactly right. We think we know the difference between a white lie to a friend and honesty to ourselves. Still, there is so much grey in between we lose the shores of truth and fiction.


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