Counting Down From Infinity

Spirits trapped inside cells of blood and bone

imprisoned for life

freed at death

give breath to every home

our bodies are the souls of any building we roam

like the word became flesh in the Book of John

like we are the holy spirit in any haunt we haunt

reincarnation made as easy as bar hopping

spirits poured first into a shot glass then into me

then stumbling into the next symphony of humanity

needing the hand of the composer to give us rise

from car to garage garage to high rise

we’re just starting our journey

onwards and upwards

cause heaven is way above the penthouse suite

and heaven doesn’t want us to keep

spitting us back out to try again

to top our last final score

so we get so good at the game of life

we never need to play it again.


4 thoughts on “Counting Down From Infinity

  1. Betty Hayes Albright

    Hi Peter! Have been meaning to get to your blog for a long while and it’s a treat to read this latest from you. Just as wonderful as always – your poetry always resonates with truth and insight – and wisdom. 🙂

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Thank you, Betty! I always appreciate your support and encouragement. The internet is deep and wide, expanding faster than the universe. It is flattering that you find time to share this little piece with me.


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