Gravity Gives Up

Masturbating to a photo of Marilyn Monroe

is the closest I’ll ever get to time travel

in a photograph we are perpetually alive and young


frozen against gravity

fucking immortality

two dimensions become four in my mind

and Some Like It Hot

and that some is me

and she is hot and alive and all 1959

and time has stopped keeping time

and the photograph is the greatest plastic surgery

while gravity gives up letting itself down gently

so we can all fly in the face of time

and we will never die

if we just smile

and say


Still there is something missing.

The soul knows no ending

but the body has a shelf life shorter than the breeze

and this hand that seeks such common release

is the same that reaches up to the sky

to plead to be freed

from this carnal body that can only feed itself

when the mystery of beauty has died

leaving traces of what youth used to be

and when wisdom sets in

though wisdom can be ugly

we see

the draw of beauty

is how temporary

it must be.


8 thoughts on “Gravity Gives Up

      1. kvennarad

        (WordPress is full of glitches today, so I’ll have another shot at this reply)

        I set you up with a beautiful feed-line, but you missed it.

        Once, on hearing a witticism, Oscar remarked, “I wish I had said that!”

        A friend (I think it was the painter Whistler) replied, “You will, Oscar! You will!”


      2. cottonbombs Post author

        Funny how a missed feed-line adds to the intrigue of your comment, forcing my imagination to wonder what it could have fed. “Those who see the divinity in sorrow are closest to God’s secret,” Oscar Wilde wrote. But, he wrote that in prison, not on WordPress where true sorrow gets lost in glitches.

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