Memories We Forget


means acting

beyond memorizing the lines

it’s memorizing the emotions we felt

at times when the last thing we should be feeling

is an acting class

I mean, how do you know how to portray the death of someone you love

if they’re all still alive

the Hindus would say, “See?”

we must live to die

and die to live

an actor would agree

and a poet would say, “I told you so”

while a human being would say, “My condolences.”


2 thoughts on “Memories We Forget

  1. Guffo Caballero

    Hey, Peter. I really liked this one. I´ll give you a poem from Mario Benedetti, a great Uruguayan writer that I have always enjoyed and admired. It´s name is Pastime (obviously, I translated it into English):

    When we were very young
    old people were thirty
    a puddle was an ocean
    death, smooth and plain
    didn’t exist.

    Later as children
    old people were forty
    a pond was an ocean
    death but
    a word.

    Already when we married
    the elderly were fifty
    a lake was an ocean
    and death was the death
    of others.

    Now as old hands
    we are within reach of the truth
    the ocean is finally the ocean
    but death has started to resemble
    our own.


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