Why There is Salt in Our Tears

We’re water to the core

from skin to bone

from shore to shore

from crib to stone

as the tide tunes to moon tones


orbit choral reefs

waves of symphonies

wash through us that we never hear

only feel

it’s in our blood

gravity’s hope and fear

following the path of least resistance

that we resist

through the raving spit of the lunatic

we misinterpret as us in the mirror

wondering what the hell happened to that good looking twenty-something with dreams

who used to look back at us

and sneer

at the future.


2 thoughts on “Why There is Salt in Our Tears

  1. yourothermotherhere

    That twenty-something is still there. Salt preserves. Course, it also sucks the life blood out, but what the heck. We’ll stand naked in the tide under the full moon and rehydrate—or get arrested. (grins)


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