Painting in the Nude

This poem’s about a porn star

who wanted to be a painter

but he didn’t have an eye for color.

He could only see in black and white

he could barely tell day from night

but he would try with all his might

to take a canvass and make it sing

he saw beauty in everything

tragedy, he would later learn its meaning.

He loved Picasso when he worked in blue

he hated himself when he did too

but porn was the only life that he knew.

He only wanted to expose his heart

but he found it easier to expose his pink parts

and no one wants to buy black and white art.

Then one day he’d had enough

he felt naked in his own buff

and locked himself in his studio to see if he had the right stuff.

But, he could never shake the shame of his nudity

got so bad he could barely breathe

now pink was the only color he could see.

He couldn’t paint cause of his colored past

and all the times he’d exposed his ass

and so from painting he’d forever fast.

Cause he could never see

that all art is all about nudity

all art is all about nudity.


10 thoughts on “Painting in the Nude

      1. cottonbombs Post author

        “This site has a lot to do with your imagination” is our motto. I know what my writing means to me. I’d rather learn what it means to YOU.

      2. lamehousewife

        Well, okay then:) I’ll take a stab at it.
        I think it is a poem about exposure. Indeed I feel this exposure every time I write a poem because I am giving people my innermost revelations. In some cases, people can tend to abuse others who reveal something about themselves by making them feel ashamed, by criticizing them, by hurting them deeply, by ignoring them. Anytime we reveal a part of ourselves, which our art will always have a part of us since we create it, we are exposing ourselves to the “other.” While we want people to know us intimately, it also scares the hell out of us because of that fear that we will be objectified by an unloving gaze, which does sometimes happen. Creating anything takes risk. It is taking a chance on living, hoping to be loved. It is a step into the unknown.
        I do not see it as about pornography at all because to go that far in exposing oneself would require being numb or desperate, and the speaker in the poem is too ashamed to be numb. In the end, he doesn’t expose himself for art but because he wants to be loved.
        That is what I see in your poem, cottonbombs…

      3. cottonbombs Post author

        I greatly appreciate the effort you have put into this response, so, I will do something I usually loathe to do: give my interpretation of a poem I have already posted. I think you are dead on the money and you see it very much the same way I saw it when coming up with it years ago on a beach in Thailand looking at half naked people running around, and I thought: it’s easier to expose our skin than our souls.

      4. lamehousewife

        Thank you for the reciprocation…and the simplicity of the statement: “it’s easier to expose our skin than our soul.” Blessings, my poet friend!

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