I Know I Know Nothing Means I Know Something Even If It Is Nothing

The light can get so bright

that you can’t see anything in sight

is this what Socrates meant when he said

I know nothing

did he see so clearly that he could see through everything

leaving us the burden of shining the darkness into the light

so we can only see where our endings start

and where our beginnings end?

A better poet would’ve ended it right there

to make us both stare

at this glare

of a computer screen

but I have seen

too much

to stop where others would start

I have felt love that could move mountains

if that mountain loved me back

I have drunk from the Sea of Tranquility

though I drank in weightlessness

dust and nothingness

which is maybe what Socrates was saying

from nothing came something

from something came nothing

like from night came light

and in between our stars fell out of sight

so that their greatest height

is this distance between our heart and our art

connected like earth and sky

touching, though so far apart

like you and I

sharing this time

yet I know nothing of how you find

these lines

see those constellations up there

we look up cause we don’t know how to look down to see the stars

our eyes lie

everything is upside down

still we see what we think is right side up

seeing the stars so high above

bringing us back down to what started us here

Socrates saying he knew nothing


I guess he might have known something.


4 thoughts on “I Know I Know Nothing Means I Know Something Even If It Is Nothing

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Thank you once more for reblogging me. I’d like to come up a better smart-assish answer, but, truth be written, I am flattered. I’m also drunk, so, ask me again tomorrow how I really feel.


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