How Far We Can Go

Looking out the window on those forever road trips

knowing no matter how long we drove

we would always turn around

and drive home

believing this universe may last forever

but this sphere here where we all call home

only allows us so far to roam

and there’s only so far to go before we start coming back

knowing going far enough east

we start going west.

2 thoughts on “How Far We Can Go

  1. Guðrún Hildur

    Hver vegur að heiman er vegurinn heim
    Each road from your home is the road to your home
    Living on an island (Iceland) you just take the road to the west and end up by coming home from the east, don´t have to turn.

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Gudrun! I am happy that my poem resonates in Iceland! The whole world is an island, yet, we think oceans separate us. This correspondence proves they do not separate. We can surf on the wind.


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