Don’t Make Me Suffer From Yesterday’s Hangover

You are what you eat

karma can be as simple as

eat well, feel well

eat McDonalds, feel like shit.

There are certain words I avoid on menus

for example:

All our food has observed the ten second rule


Dieting? Let our parasites do all the work! Eat yourself thin!

Selling food shouldn’t be so difficult

we all need it

if you already got us in the restaurant obviously we’re ready for it

still, I know how hard the service industry can be

I was a very sensitive waiter.

I’d get to the table and the patrons would stop talking & I’d say

“You were talking about me again, weren’t you?”

Later I see a sign that reads:

“Just Like Mom’s Cooking.”

What is that, a threat? Have you tasted my mom’s cooking?

Why do you think I need a restaurant?

Another restaurant sign: “We’re family owned!” Big deal, so’s the mafia.


Hold on.

I just had deja vu in reverse: where I had deja vu thinking I was going to have deja vu.

Suddenly now feels like yesterday

when I was asked, ‘Did I enjoy myself at the party?’

Weird question.

I enjoyed the food, drink, conversation. But, how exactly did I enjoy myself?

It was New Years yesterday

as it will be if you read this 366 days from now.

Happy New Years

I hope this is the one we like so much

we never feel the need to create a new menu of time.

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