A Toast to The Progress and Passing of Time

Do you think

the dinosaurs ever blamed the oil companies for their demise?

Do you think

the Stegosaurus and the Brontosaurus sat around coming up with conspiracy theories

as to where they were all going?

and so why can’t we see what’s right in front of our eyes?

Why when a pen doesn’t work we try it on another piece of paper

thinking it’s not the pen that’s out of ink, it’s the paper that’s broken?

like blaming God for the religions that kill for Him

and if Jesus Christ & Michael Jackson came back on the same day

who do you think gets the front page?

Sure, Jesus could walk on water but could he moonwalk on it?

North America started as Asians walked across the Bering Straight

now we blame immigration for the problems of the nation

people starting sentences: “I’m not a racist, but…”

there’s no, ‘but’, cause it’s already too late.

I heard a guy whining about ‘lazy’ Mexicans coming to steal our jobs

he said this while eating a taco in a Mexican restaurant

you can’t hate Mexicans and love tacos!

Now the surreal is the real

when the internet becomes our best friend

and Facebook is the best way to avoid face to face with each others’ faces

I know I’m spending too much time on the net.

Last night my dreams flipped like related clips on Youtube.

I awoke to 5000 hits on my subconscious

with the social networks we wanna share



never tweet during sex no matter how much people need to know how awesome you are.


And Happy New Years!

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