Kama Sutra For Singles

This poem goes out to all those voices in my head who don’t actually exist

you know who you are.

You wanna get to know me?

Well, get in line

cause I wanna know myself.

I know some kids had an imaginary friend

I didn’t think I deserved an imaginary friend, so I had an imaginary enemy.

I know I was glad when I learned Santa was a fraud.

I was 5.

I asked my mom point blank: Is Santa real- but if he’s not- do I still get presents?

I know time is an abstract. You really believe summers are as long as when you were a kid?

I know numbers are infinite, but their usage is finite.

What does that tell us about math and the distance between us?

I know there are two things the News constantly gets wrong:

the weather and lottery numbers.

I know I go to X-rays strip club, cause I see beauty on the inside.

I know there are two kinds of people in this world: you and me and I’m both.

What I don’t know is how all this adds up

what comes next in this cosmic equation

if heaven is an all-you-can-eat restaurant

don’t we like eating more than being full?

Will we feel so fulfilled in heaven?

Could God be so cruel?


4 thoughts on “Kama Sutra For Singles

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Thank you! And if you want to lift more little bon mot nuggets, feel free to check out my Twitter feed: Cottonbombs2, which can be accessed under my ‘blogroll’ on this page. Steal Away!


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