Solar Powered Flashlight

The energy has always been building

within the building

within the building of the building

outside on the street

always within us

even sleeping


our dreams are so much more creative than we ever were

yet where did they come from

where did you come from

where did come come from

can we dream what we don’t know


but how do we know

where did we dream up this reality

that we could see deja vu in scenes we’ve never seen

didn’t I already write this to you

didn’t you already read this

if so

didn’t we get the last line

right the first time?


2 thoughts on “Solar Powered Flashlight

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Thank you! I’ve always been a big fan of the Twilight Zone. I guess it rubs off on my writing even when I want to focus on my reality constructing poetry.


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