When The Oscars Meet The Apocalypse

I guess we’re all ready to die

if we know it or not

cause the number one hit on my website is:

What To Wear To The End Of The Year Party

which I wrote as a joke

but it seems to be playing out as a pathetic optimistic anthem

giving up on the future before it even got started

yet making sure we’re all well dressed for it

here is why we are not there

to hell with progress

evolution can crawl right back into the sea

when The Apocalypse comes rising up like a vicious tsunami

I just want to make sure I’m dressed for it

and spiritually gets dressed up in its best Dolce and Gabbana

so on the Day Of Judgement

I’m standing on the red carpet

ready to answer the all important question:

Who are you wearing?

2 thoughts on “When The Oscars Meet The Apocalypse

  1. Guffo Caballero (@GuffoCaballero)

    Hey, Peter. How´ve you been? I´m here in México, trying to find another job. You know, as I told you, the newspaper in which I work for is closing soon, so… But everything is ok. I´m enjoying my family and wishing to go back to Toronto soon at least for two weeks, hehehe. See you, Peter.

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      I’ve been wondering how you are. I keep the drawing you did of me with my notes and laugh at it every day. I hope you come back and we can have a beer together and catch up.


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