No Songs Sung Beneath The Sea

How can sound be found in our blood?

It’s less tangible than the wind

less so than moonlight on my skin

still certain words and certain songs

break in

like burglars in the night

rob me while I’m sleeping tight

reality and dreams never more overlapping in sight

how sounds bound

from one mountain top to the next

from peak to valley we all fall vexed

gravity heavier than what we see

sound so soft it floats upon the sea

still so deep it gets beneath bodies that couldn’t breathe beneath the deep

that they had to take to the shore

where they picked up two rocks and wrote the score

to this symphony called reality.

4 thoughts on “No Songs Sung Beneath The Sea

  1. yourothermotherhere

    That is really good Peter and I enjoyed it. Salty blood, salty ocean, carrying sound for who knows how long? The basic beat was\is always there. Your words made me think of “Whales Weep Not”, by D.H. Lawrence, which in turn made me think of Star Trek where I first heard of the poem. In the vacuum of space, there is no sound, but if one day humanity continues the diaspora into the universe, then we will take our music with us if no other way then in our hot salty blood.

    And that’s what your words made me think about this morning. I curtsey to you after my recitation and take my leave.

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Thank you very much for saying so! If my poem can inspire you to go from D.H. Lawrence to where no man has gone before, I take that as a great compliment! And all without the power of sound!


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