Abstract Reality in 3D

Only six major chords make up the guitar

still, dinosaurs have fueled us from the tar

so many sounds live from afar

across the stars across the river Styx

dead Europeans sing to us through the mix

where life and death mean nothing

and new rhythms are found beyond banging stones

we can close our eyes and recognize the tones between Beethoven from The Rolling Stones

though they’re playing in the same musical playground

and red, blue, yellow make up the primary role

and still we can tell a Jackson Pollack from a Joan Miro

though we can’t say one color is more valuable than the next

unless it’s been tossed to a canvass by an artist

cause we see collectively that it is not the subject

it is the hand that wields the paintbrush that gives life blood to the paint

like it’s not the joke but the joker

not the miracle but the saint

it’s not the piece of dust but the God

that raises seeds from the sod.

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