Why We Die

The reason we die

is so we can live

it’s really that simple

if we never died

we’d never try

to buy tomorrow

on the credit we got today

death is scary, sure

but so is ignorance

and from depth comes height

if we see it in clear sight

like shadow puppets upon the wall

or a kite in the night

nothing would be seen

if there was no darkness at all

to highlight the light

so we’re mortal after all

like Spring needs Fall

for the chance that we can all be immortal

Shakespeare, Mozart, Chaplin, Chopin

all survived time

Bram Stoker made Dracula

as much as Dracula made Bram Stoker

one life gave life to save

and today they both live beyond the grave.

2 thoughts on “Why We Die

  1. Steven Myers

    sort of off topic or maybe not.
    the other day i heard about an old grannie being attacked by a wolf.
    she axed it to death. she was from the caucasian mountains which is where dracula is from , no?
    anyway, it makes me proud to check caucasian on my next application because other than her axe i have no reason to.


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