Drowning Down The Stream of Consciousness

If I type as fast as I can

I’m sure that something of some substance is eventually going to come out

as long as I don’t make the mistake of stopping to think what the hell this is about

I know all my brilliance and all my idiocy is in here somewhere

so if I write 1000 words somewho something is going to balance out

and if I can’t I got no business hovering over this keyboard

yet here I am so I think I must have something to write

even if I don’t know what it is right now

it’ll come it’ll come

and when it does I’ll let you know

until then I hope you like this opening act

playing to the tune of prelude to a kiss

trust me it sounds so much better in the Greek it was written

so does the Bible

do you know how much got lost in translation

between the first texts and the King James version

and what the hell does an English King have to do with the writing of the sacred scriptures

ergo, talk about ego

King James slaps his name on the cover, yet, he’s never mentioned in anywhere in its


like when I got into a fight with a Hare Krishna over his copy of the Bhagavad Gita

he wanted to sell me

and I told him I found it odd that his guru took up more of the cover than Krishna

and he tried to explain to me that only through a spiritual adviser could I see Lord Krishna

and I tried to explain to him that I could see Krishna a lot easier

if his guru got his mug outta the way of Krishna’s face

just like this convoluted bit of writing

once I got my own ego out of the way

and let the words come out

did I know what it was about.

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