Wicked Killing

The writer of the book: How To Catch A Witch And Ward Off Evil Spells

is far darker than the darkness he thinks he sees

conjuring up a composition

to give light to the corners of the minds of witches and warlocks

where cobwebs catch spells and hell

and worse is how this monk

who has never kissed a girl

has written an entire treatise on how to drown them

believing he is fighting the good fight

ridding the world of an evil that doesn`t even exist

becoming the wickedness he wants to kill

leading his iniquitous inquisition

leading to burning the innocents at the stake

flagitious flames set by a devil in a monk`s robes

who prays to a lamb by sacrificing one

while five hundred years later

a city cop writes a parking ticket for a car on an empty street

while his cop car`s engine idles

sending smoke and carbon monoxide into the air.


2 thoughts on “Wicked Killing

  1. Steven Myers

    i’m convinced there is evil floating about this universe.
    i feel it when i walk into an empty lecture hall and climb behind the podium
    and pretend i’m g-d with all those suckers in the audience agreeing with what i say
    and i’m making it all up as i go. i don’t know who is more evil…me for manipulating or
    the the audience for not thinking.
    and then there’s the more blatant evil…..those fuckers need to have their balls cut off.

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      As a teacher of a language I still haven’t mastered, I hear you. And like I tell my students when they make fun of me: what’s worse, a bad teacher, or, a student being taught by a bad teacher?


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