Saying I Do To Fate

I’ve had more than my fair share of close calls

falling through the ice alone on Lake Erie

driving a motorbike into the side of a speeding truck in Thailand

pulling myself up a rock only to find a poisonous snake between my hands in Nepal

almost getting married in Canada

all moments where an angel or demon or just dumb luck intervened and said:

Not today

so what am I worried about?

I could have fallen straight through that icy Great Lake

I could have so easily pulled out a second earlier and hit the front of the truck

I could have reached up and grabbed the fangs of the snake

she could have been cruel enough to have said yes.

It’s time to breathe

and see

that there’s no frozen lake if I didn’t choose to set foot on it

there’s no truck if I chose to walk

there’s no snake if I chose not to climb

and there’s no no if she chose not to say yes.

Like a marriage proposal

we reach out

but fate

has to take our hand

to ring her finger.


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