Writing With My Eyes Closed

If you fly far enough east

you will land in the west

if you fly fast enough

you can outrun the sun

live in perpetual darkness

try a midnight flight from Toronto to Asia

and see how twenty-four hours

passes as one long night

how Monday becomes Wednesday

without even a whisper of Tuesday

the world is round

and you’re telling me time is linear

when I just flew from Toronto to Tokyo via Alaska

and I left fourteen hours ago yet two days have vanished into thin air

40,000 feet above the earth

and millions of miles beneath the sun

I wonder if I even exist

if time and space can be redrawn

as easily as equations upon the black board

when Around the World in Eighty Days

is done in seventy-nine because of the rotation of the earth

brings us ever closer to time reinventing itself

and string theory folds in on itself

to tell us now is too late

I never got off that flight

and though the sun did finally come up

I still write from that never ending night.

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