The Sun’s Last Kiss

A warm sunny afternoon in November

is worth an entire weekend in July

as though the sky has opened up

to share the last drops of sunshine

upon a grateful earth

parks filled with people getting in one last game of catch

knowing next week they could replace baseball mitts with winter ones

this final breath of the sun

before she becomes but a pale imitation of herself

surrendering to Jack Frost and Old Man Winter and all their minions

like the photograph of a lost love

you can see her

but you cannot touch her

how rarely do we know that last kiss

before we say good bye?

And how much longer would we hold on

knowing we are to part forever

so today I will linger a few minutes longer

in this sunset burying herself in the last of the Autumn leaves

reflecting this last kiss of the sun

before going inside

to turn on my artificial light

to read this week’s weather forecast.


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