The Death Mask of History

The Earth buries itself

sand sifts as subconcious

hiding dinosaur bones lost beneath the land

we know they’re there

we just don’t know where to look

there’s no GPS for dinosaur bones

so we excavate and hope

that we can find what was never lost

only to be found

as the greatest find of the century

hell, Von Schliemann faked the Mask of Agamemnon

and so inspired thousands of archeologists after him

the mask might have been fake

but not the passion

it’s our nature to search for our roots

to dig deep and root around the Earth’s core

to find the pit of the forbidden fruit

to know what got us here

Pompeii was something we tripped over

and suddenly a sensation a revelation

that 2000 years could be frozen in ash

and uncorked like a bottle of fine wine

drunk on history

like we can see what happened yesterday

the beer goggles of time

and suddenly a thousand years looks like paradise

and our time today is purgatory

between tomorrow and yesterday

and a death mask is seen as beautiful

forged in gold

though it only glittered when it was resurrected from the grave

by one charlatan named Schliemann

who knew the thirst for the past would slake the desire for the truth

cause who needs truth if we have solved the mystery of the Trojan War

and we have proved Homer right

though we still don’t know the name of the author of the Illiad

we’ll keep calling him Homer

cause it’s catchy

and we’ll keep making kids read it

though we can’t tell them why

besides we’ve always read it

and that should be enough

to quench the thirst for progress

that we need to start with the roots of life on Earth

before we’re ready to conquer Mars.

6 thoughts on “The Death Mask of History

      1. Steven Myers

        i’ll be down the right field line near the fair pole
        but in foul territory listening to the yokels colorful description of you–the recent call up. ” that boy gotta curve like an udder spraying its own way.”

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