The Dance of Science and Salome

Religion and Science have made victims of us all

from turning tricks of poppies into overdoses

wars in the name of God

splitting the atom

to heating our homes with nuclear fire

strung out on air conditioning cooling our churches

while burning holes through our atmosphere

the irony of cleaning products and holy water polluting our earth

dying to be clean

the new plague isn’t from rats

it’s from floor wax and liquid drano

we’ve killed so much filth and faith

that we’ve left our kids’ bodies without the antibodies

to fight off the ill effects of a peanut or lascivious priest

we’re so healthy it’s deadly

and the rats will once again get the last laugh

as we try to explain to the kindergarten class

why they can’t bring peanut butter sandwiches for lunch

unless they also bring a hazmat suit for the whole class.

Between the Pope and the air conditioner I’m not sure what’s more destructive

they’ll both have to be dead 100 years before they’re considered for sainthood.


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