The Taste of Star Shine

There was never nothing less than nothing

like what is more than everything

and somewhere in between

we breathe

and believe

we need to need what we need

when in reality

nothing is anything

like the weight of light

weightless till it burns our skin

and even in the dead of night

we are helpless but to let it in

through the scars of stars

cutting through the night’s sky

celestial bodies long since dead

shine like wayward spirits

victims of violence

like the Big Bang

or a supernova exploding

never knowing they’re dead

and far from their light

navigation was read

to get sailors from Europe to the New World

and humanity spread

on Earth by way of stars that don’t even exist

while nothing means something

nothing could even mean everything

to one lost at sea


needing his water to be

nothing but salt free

and the madness of the irony

surrounded by water

and dying for a drink

but nothing in the offering

is bigger than everything

real or imagined

and now we can just be,

9 thoughts on “The Taste of Star Shine

  1. Steven Myers

    as an epitaph, i’m leaning towards, “there was a time before the curve ball and then it happened.”
    speaking of which… that recently released documentary featuring wakefield , dickey and the knuckle ball looks damn good and dangit, us here in canada can’t view it free on you tube….but soon a download i hope. ?

      1. Steven Myers

        another one that is available on you tube here in canada is greener grass or grass greener….about cuba and baseball…. had me throwing balls against the wall in preparation for spring training.

      2. cottonbombs Post author

        For me Winter officially starts at the last out of the World Series and Spring begins first pitch Opening Day. And in between I’m like Steve McQueen holed up in solitude in The Great Escape.

      3. cottonbombs Post author

        In between the last out of the World Series and the first pitch of Opening Day I’m like Steve McQueen holed up in solitude in The Great Escape. Any video on baseball helps get me through those long winter nights.

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