Glass Faith

The glass floor at the CN Tower

proves we see right through the miracles at our feet

stepping out on its surface

we walk over 300 meters above the downtown of Toronto

looking down to view our fate

should the glass crack

we put our faith in human engineering

and good glass work

the floor can’t be seen

we look right through it

we see only the floor of the city

so many hundreds of meters below

tourists will stand on this same invisible carpet

to take pictures of the world so far below

never seeing how close they are

to their end

and their beginning

to believing in God.


7 thoughts on “Glass Faith

  1. Steven Myers

    do you think teams build their rosters…draft and development with field dimensions in mind?
    and to avoid being accused of left field tangentits, the question’s connection to your post is the aerial view of seeing players potential as 17 year old…not so much their greatness, but how they might fit onto a specific field. i’m thinking here of brandon crawford being handed over ss early in the 2011 season…called up from A ball….to play behind those Giant pitchers.

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      I think GMs who see the big picture do build their teams around the confines of their fields. Hell, they built Yankee Stadium around Babe Ruth and you see how that played out.

      1. Steven Myers

        it’s an exciting facet of baseball…this long term planning and vision of drafting with stadium in mind, but the babe ruth example blows em all out the water….maybe yankee stadium construction’s coincided with the new stadium trend of its day, but as you mention…gotta figure ruth was in mind when 315 down the line was designed.

      2. cottonbombs Post author

        Hell, it’s called: The House That Ruth Built for a reason. And, I’m a big fan of house the infield dimensions all gotta be to code, but what you do with your outfield is left to interpretation. Just one more fun quirk of the game. Though the slope in dead center in Houston is the weirdest of them all.

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