A Revolution of Angels

The Devil was the first angel to fall

this we know

but who was the second

who is the Buzz Aldrin to the Devil’s Neil Armstrong?

What made that second angel take his leap of faith?

He must have thought that Lucifer knew where he was going.

How high is heaven

if you can’t see how low is hell.

If you’re looking around a poker table and you can’t see who the sucker is

get up cause it’s you.

6 thoughts on “A Revolution of Angels

  1. Steven Myers

    poo holes would be my choice as second angel to fall or the entire angles team. can you put together a more impresssive team on paper?. there may be room for a new english word here. the definition being…players who flee for big money while their former team does just fine, but anyway, it makes no sense to pay so much for so long to a guy over 30.

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      The Angels had no business missing the post season. Though, a big Pujols fan, I hear you about transferring from a winning team to a team that doesn’t quite make it. You think the Devil bet on or against the Angels?

      1. Steven Myers

        if the devil wears a ranger badge, then he ignored the angels all together and went into a dervish instead. those poor rangers…the window of opportunity may be closing soon.

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