I Open the Window to Inspiration

I’m listening for rumors and allegations of inspiration

through a broken screen

and I know I haven’t got a clue

just an open window and a barking dog

and now a second dog is barking back

two dogs engaged in loud conversation

I don’t speak dog

so I can only guess they are negotiating fire hydrants

I’m not inspired by fire hydrants but I’ll write the word a couple more times

as terriers mark their territory

fire hydrants mark our anticipation of disaster

just like baseball counts hits, runs and errors, cause the game demands that there be

hits, runs and errors

if not it’s a perfect game

and those are pretty rare

like a perfect day

so we install fire hydrants all around our city

cause we know there’s going to be a fire somewhere.

Now, I’m going to light up a smoke

lean back

and try not to burn the whole place down.

4 thoughts on “I Open the Window to Inspiration

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