Looking Through Stained Glass Windows

How glass is born from sand

forged in an oven

melted then cooled into transparency

we see right through its body

though we fail to see its flowing properties

left to the sands that time saves

glass bottles will ripple like waves

and what was once clear becomes grainy

like blue tropical skies suddenly become rainy

and the law of gravity

dictates what goes up must come down

from stones to souls

we fall back to where we were first found

laying there on the ground thinking it’s heaven

till someone tells us better

and though we see through the windows of the soul

to the smoke from the coal

rising till shattered by the sky

we know

even though contacts and laser surgery

can’t show us everything

like light can’t be believed

til it’s seen against something

all the red through violet of the prism

and seeing orange and yellow and green and

all without passing through the same prism

that had once been a prison of sand.


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