Leaping 39 Kilometers To The Ground

Looking at the Earth from above the stratosphere

is like seeing the sea from land

and trying to count fish from the safety of the pier

“There’s always more fish in the sea”

we tell the heart broken

but what if the heartbroken doesn’t like fish

or is vegan

then what do you tell them?

There’s always more clouds in the sky

but clouds change

and the sky turns from a kaleidoscope of sunsets to stars

all within the same night

as the nebulous gives way to the Milky Way

as the night shines through so much brighter

than any light on earth

stars are only as far

as our technology can reach so far

like New York to New Delhi

used to be almost an unreachable distance

when today it means less than a day’s flight with one stopover in Paris, City of Lights

then what will we know when we know Mars

is bone dry and then it’s high time to fly to Jupiter

and Mars becomes its stopover

then suddenly we’ve reached Pluto

and this universe isn’t big enough for our imagination

to think there are as many stars in this galaxy as molecules in the human body

means to me that the ultimate goal to find

is waiting for us

somewhere between our soul and our mind.

5 thoughts on “Leaping 39 Kilometers To The Ground

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      You touch a nerve mentioning Varanasi, cause it’s my favorite city of all my travels. Seeing the Ganges lit up by thousands of prayer candles for the festival of Dwali, like the river was on fire, is an image that no time will ever douse from my memory. Great contrast throwing in Las Vegas. Life is a lottery and should we find ourselves in Sin City or Varanasi is as predictable as putting our faith on a one armed bandit, assuming, the house hasn’t stacked the odds against us.

      1. Steven Myers

        if i could be so bold for a second and wear g-d’s nike shoes…..i don’t think he-she-it cares when or who or how someone enlists his her it’s services. bank robber, mendicant, plumber…it’s all the same quota.

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