I Know I Don’t Know

I know nothing about nothing

doesn’t mean I know everything about everything

or something about something

I mean I know nothing about nothing

meaning the existence of nothing

in this world of something and some things

that are too much to explain

still, it’s simpler to speak of some something than some nothing

which is what I know I know nothing about

if I have confused you, know

you know as much as I know even if you don’t know it

cause it’s worse to think to know something you don’t know

than to know you don’t know anything or even something about nothing

that’s where the ego gets going

and that’s where everything gets lost

in the thinking of knowing things that cannot be known

like a Holy War or tomorrow’s weather even though we know the forecast today

we fight as we pray for peace

we become prey to war machines

preying on soldiers who think they know what they are fighting for

while generals roll the die on their lives hoping to get it right

while God above prays that we make better moves


19 thoughts on “I Know I Don’t Know

  1. Diogo Ferreira Do Nascimento

    Very nice! That’s tough to bear, but it’s also something good to know.

    Even though some might say they know they must love God above all things. I, myself, am not so sure if they know what “God” means. And even if they do, they sure didn’t come to an agreement about the word “things” yet.

    That’s a funny thing. I mean, the word “thing”. I was just hearing about it on the radio, one of this days. It can mean so many things. It’s a void of language and it’s hard to avoid. Even if you try it deliberately, how could you describe even a xxxx without it? It’s in nothing and it’s in everything. It’s in the simple things you do every day and in the complicated things you love.

    And it’s a pity. (And if let me paraphrase you) I’m sure God is praying for us to understand.

    1. cottonbombs Post author


      It’s a great thing you wrote! No matter how you interpret ‘thing’ in this context it can only be good. I appreciate your appreciation for our attempt to understand things beyond the things we know. God help us all and with a little thing called conscience and proper diet we might at least get half way there. Thank you for meeting these words somewhere in the middle.

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Did you ever see those Heritage commercials that depicted the French settlers first conversation with the natives trying to ascertain the name of this great land now called Canada? And the French are asking: What is the name of this land? And the natives don’t speak French and think they are asking: Can we go to your village? So the word, ‘village’ gets written down as the name of the land. Canada truly is a global village, all, started by a miscommunication between French and Indian cultures.

  2. kvennarad

    I like this poem. Who talked about ‘the cloud of unknowing’? I think we do ourselves a disservice when we fail to make the transcendent part of our lives. I tell people who call the Bible ‘the Word of God’ to try substituting ‘Bible’ for ‘word’ every time they find it; then I sit back and listen to them quoting John’s Gospel – ‘In the beginning was the Bible, and the Bible was with God, and the Bible was God…’ – until they start to giggle uncontrollably. I’m okay with God and with Jesus, in fact I think they’re great; I like the way Jesus wasn’t a philosopher.

      1. cottonbombs Post author

        Jesus was Hebrew, yet he’s always depicted as looking like a Swedish tennis pro. Like Buddha ate one meal a day, yet is often drawn as a fat man.

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