The Secret of the Senescence

The science of chaos

is what I’m counting on

this pattern of pain

has been too patented into our DNA for me to believe it’s a gift of the cosmos

it must come from another source

cause I know we don’t want to feel sad, bad

but we do so commonly

it makes me believe we’ve been duped into believing

this human condition is based on feeling what we don’t want to feel

so why do we feel this way?

Sure, any emotion, if sincere, is involuntary

I’m not going to debate the great Mark Twain

I’m just wondering why such evolved creatures could choose a course of self pity

and self destruction

when the kinder path shines like sun’s rays

we could wake up tomorrow and swear off cigarettes

and learn we breathe better without them

like we could wake up tomorrow and swear of violence

and learn the same lesson

and then what?

People have quit smoking before

why should we fear the cancer in our lungs more than in our hearts

why is physical courage more common than moral

don’t we know to take our hand from a burning stove

2 thoughts on “The Secret of the Senescence

  1. Steven Myers

    so poignant!!
    your questions carve new paths through the mind’s neural pathway virgin forest not yet scratched.
    reminds me of cuban revolutionaries and founding fathers who were also baseball players…
    a guy like emilio sabourin who i think ended up dying in a moroccan jail.
    the spanish banned baseball out of fear…it was too new…too north american and didn’t fit in with tradition and regime and the brutality of a bull fight.

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Thank you. Interesting history of Cuban baseball. They certainly managed to get over their fear and learned to master the game. Did you know Castro was the coach of the national team as recently as 12 years ago? The world would be a better place if he’d had a better curveball and less thirst for tyranny.


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