Lottery of the Gods

Picking the right religion

is the ultimate prize in this cosmic lottery

with the jackpot being God

better get your numbers right

cause losers go to hell

hell, according to the New Testament

(I’ve also read the Torah, Qu’ran, Bhagavad Gita, Way of the Tao, and a book of Voodoo

cause I’m hedging my bets)

only 144,000 people get to the golden ticket outta here to paradise

still, better odds than Power Ball

still, having read all these conflicting Holy Books

I read they’re all really on the same page

the bottom line is essentially help people, don’t hurt people

and respect God


in any language

has the same ring to it

no matter how you sing it

or chant it

whether muezzin, hazzan, or, cantor

it doesn’t matter what song you sing

we all know the words

by heart

they’re as simple as a leaf following the breeze

written on our souls

by a Divine hand

an Auteur so Great

He created every other auteur, artist and author

along with the earth and sky

and ladybugs

I mean, what an artist!

He’s not satisfied

(or She, if you’re comfortable with She, I’m not going to fight you over the gender of God)

with creating the planets and stars and the air we breathe

He took time to create ladybugs

and every little piece of sand we see

leaving us to make sandcastles that won’t survive the tide

giving us free will to pick our numbers for the lottery

letting us win or lose on our own dime

to pay the consequences

is the sign

of a Love Divine

betting on us to climb

higher than Everest

to attest

that all luck

takes a bit of patience and practice

and all divinity

takes nothing but a sense of poetry

to see

reality as metaphor

and metaphor as reality.


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