The Death of The Game

Miguel Cabrera won baseball’s Triple Crown

something that hadn’t been done in forty-five years

and I rooted for him all year long

162 games strong

till midway through the last game when he left in the fourth inning

to protect his batting average

and guarantee him the prize

setting an example for future generations that the way to win is to hide

leave the game to make yourself a better batter

Ted Williams was the last player to hit .400

and on the last day of the season he faced a double header

with an average barely hovering at .400

and his manager wanted to sit him to make history

but Ted would have none of it

and went to bat eight more times

raising his average to .406

cause he knew

you gotta earn it

so to hell with Miguel Cabrera and his Triple Crown

cause it’s made of tin

and I hope the ghost of Ted Williams comes back

to punch him in the nose

and teach him

the game is bigger than any individual statistic

you win by playing

cause baseball’s a sport where there’s no killing of the clock

the defense challenges the offense

but if the offense decides to ride the pine

then the game is lost

and celebrating Cabrera’s win

is celebrating the player at the cost of the game.

Cabrera's self portrait

Cabrera’s self portrait (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


4 thoughts on “The Death of The Game

  1. Steven Myers

    right on brother! same crap that jose reyes pulled last year with the batting title.
    pussyfooting into awards is as you say “death of the game.”
    a functioning time machine could take us back to the negro leagues.
    they didn’t even keep stats.

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Of course you get how these individual titles seem to come at the expense of a team game. It`s bullshit. And I really was rooting for Cabrera until he left in the middle of the last game for no other reason but to protect his precious batting average. His manager said it was `the hardest game` he`d ever managed cause he had his eye on two games to see what Trout was doing. Why should he care… you can only win the game you are playing.

      1. Steven Myers

        it-triple crown craze somehow seems to get linked back to city patria pride and milestone and baseball as traditional lore in the american civil war lust for nostalgia habit–adding to the nation’s family, but the irony is the sandlots of anonymous guts and efforts and love of playing…of melting boredom and wasting away hours in glory becomes as murkier and elusive as ever. your season this year serves as a potent reminder of what can be again.

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