I Miss the Tomorrow That Yesterday Brings

I miss the tomorrow that yesterday brings

especially when today’s sin feels like yesterday’s salvation

I know I’ll wake up tomorrow

wondering what the hell happened to me

like drinking leads to a hangover

being blind drunk means not seeing where this headache came from

like life

beer is bittersweet

ask Tuesday morning how much fun Monday was

when you’re nursing yesterday’s mistakes today

the karma of the alcoholic

no matter what has been learned from the dharma of early morning repentance

the drunk will drink again

raising his bottle to the same lips

that vowed never to drink again

imbibing the same spirit that is killing him

matter into matter and the matter is toxic to the tonic that cured him the night before

I’d quit drinking if you could give me a cure to this sobriety

until then

bottoms up

turn me upside down

like a shot of tequila

suck the lemon dry

sour, sure

but it tastes better than the chaser.


2 thoughts on “I Miss the Tomorrow That Yesterday Brings

  1. Steven Myers

    you capture the see saw nature of a drunk excellent.
    amazing how take me down to nectar street just this one night
    can result in full migration into “turn me upside down.”
    ok..just tonight and then i’ll stop..


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