Nothing Says Something

Broken strings sing in silent harmony

so much is said when nothing is said

it’s what got Thomas Moore dead

though he said nothing

he lost his head

though silence implies acceptance

the king took it as rejection

so much can be said in quiet

that it can cause a riot

between the body and the soul

just ask ol’ Thomas Moore

wherever he is now

and he’d tell you

through his silence

heaven is filled with those who said what they meant

and hell is slithering with forked tongued sycophants

and earth is deafening with the screams of the dumb

while the geniuses bite their tongue

and we’re all caught between the silence and the scream

I write this quietly

but I’ve inspired me

to see that the next word out of my mouth

will be reality

and to hell with pageantry and niceties

I hate your cooking.


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