Everybody Goes To The Zoo

I am the ten thousandth monkey typing away at this keyboard

obviously I’m not coming up with Hamlet, but, that I’m writing in coherent English at all

is a major achievement in primate literature

I don’t know how I’m able to do this

I don’t understand a single word I am writing

however, after accepting life itself, every other miracle seems pale in comparison

I don’t have much to compare it to, kept in a cage like this

given a typewriter, a pack of Lucky’s and the odd banana

and you want me to come up with Shakespeare?

What’s the point? It’s already written

and you’re expecting me to envision high court in Denmark

when I have never left this cement cage

they say I was born in captivity

but when captivity is all you know

the jungles sound scary

that’s what I like best about the zoo

its order

put us monkeys here and keep the lions way over there

and let the inspiration that brought us together remain a mystery

cause if we could see

what’s behind the magic curtain

we’d never venture to Oz

knowing the brain, heart and courage we seek

we already have

we would lose the wisdom of the journey

and the thrill of the adventure

the cure for cancer hides somewhere in the Amazon forest

but if we’re too scared to set foot into its untamed majesty

we will never domesticate our fear

and kill the killer of millions

dying without knowing we could live forever

just ask Shakespeare

though he’s immortal

he doesn’t know it


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