You Are not Reading This Now

     “What we do in our dreams we also do when we are awake:

                                     we invent and fabricate the person with whom we associate-

                                     and immediately forget we have done so.”


We sleepwalk through the night

stepping in and out of the future like it’s presently the past

waking feeling cheated of what never was.

A third of our life


haunted by dreams

hunted by reality.

Dreaming we never dream we have the capacity

to turn around and chase the monsters back into their shadows

the alarm clock kills


come crash landing into reality

with no black box to record the final seconds before impact

just drool on the pillow

and the airplane trails fade in morning clouds

back to yesterday is the same as the day

before  yesterday is the same as any day

before yesterday

today was yesterday tomorrow.

And you’re not reading this now

when you tell me about it tomorrow.

I knew you’d tell me you didn’t understand.

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