God’s Bodyguard

We should exchange history books and bibles

to read to see the differences

are all the same

Muslims Jews and Christians all revere the prophet Abraham

so what does it matter if the Torah tells of the offering of Isaac as a sacrifice

when the Koran says it was Ishmael?

Both brothers came together to bury their father

why can’t we bury the hatchet

and make peace with the fact that

we are all brothers and sisters

under a God who doesn’t need us to protect us from Him

I may not know the thoughts of the Lord

but I know I know enough to write

that should He exist

He is bigger than any petty problem we may have with punctuation

or bad writing

I could write to hell with God or Allah or Buddha

doesn’t make Him go there

God is bigger than any word or badly acted movie we could make

He doesn’t need us to be His bodyguard

when the opposite is true.

8 thoughts on “God’s Bodyguard

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Sure, but, if God was such a Yankee fan, they’d win every year. The Yankees win despite God. Though, what the hell do I know, I haven’t picked the World Series Champions since the 81′ Dodgers.

      1. Steven Myers

        not that g-d is such a yankees fan,
        just a seeder of friction.
        roots bursting through soil to make vine and berry,
        more violent and martial than a tree hug.
        how dare you pick the dodgers after black monday?!
        actually it makes perfect sense.. if they beat the expos, then they must be the best team.

      2. cottonbombs Post author

        The ’81 World Series was the first I ever watched. I rooted for the Dodgers cause I heard they always lost to the Yankees and my love of the underdog was born. The Expos were not on my radar then. But, I have always been a fan of losing to the winning team, like last year when the Cardinals beat the Phillies, I hoped they’d go on to take it all. Cause, it’s easier to lose to the best, not the second best.

      3. Steven Myers

        that was well deserved fernando mania…wasn’t it? and maybe the last time a rookie won the cy young and rookie of the year? or maybe the only time? i think fred lynn is the only one to win rookie of the year and MVP. it looked like trout might have a chance, but with miguel cabrera so close to a triple crown…it’s gonna be close especially if both sneak into the playoffs.

      4. cottonbombs Post author

        I haven’t Googled it, but, I think you’re right on all counts. Fernando was amazing. He looked to God for every pitch. And with the rise of Trout, Cabrera could be the first triple crown winner to lose out on the MVP, based on WAR and stolen bases and defense.

      5. Steven Myers

        glad to see you referencing WAR, not only because it was a pleasant band, but for metrics reasons. i can only digest so much statistical analysis before my head spins, but we seem to be honing in on the reality between the chalk lines a bit more. variables variables variables. i think the deciding factor for MVP will be the post season. if detroit gets in and anaheim doesn’t, cabrera will probably get it.

      6. cottonbombs Post author

        Sure, WAR, but, I guess I was just putting up a fight. I think if you lead in the Triple Crown, you deserve the MVP. This year is Cabrera’s year. With The Tiger’s clinching makes it the icing on the top of the MVP cake.

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