The Weight of Light

I understand your moody seasons.

I know why you have to be yourself, why sometimes it’s gray.

Night, I know intimately,

we’ve shared countless cups of coffee.

Colors are all chameleons,

not even light is constant,

dying out all day long,

gasping for breath, choking on shadows.

This white shirt under black light

shines the truth between reality and illusion.

Or, how the light of an entire universe can be

snuffed out in the glow of a single streetlight.

Still, you rise like Hope itself every morning

to prove you have not given up on this world below.


12 thoughts on “The Weight of Light

  1. Steven Myers

    blue jays.
    you were right about not this year.
    i can’t resist dreaming in ochre and gold in june,
    but we were both right about snider being dealt for pitching.
    but thames and snider?
    well…the pitcher return for thames is special interest–a softball pitcher
    after arm injury and 29 years young.
    you know..i got a friend who is lefty and he’s learning how to throw a knuckle ball.
    has there ever been a lefty knuckler?

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      I wish both Snider and Thames well. I have learned via Wakefield and Dickey that the last resort to keeping in the majors is the delivery of the knuckleball. Sometimes your last resort is your best resort.

      1. Steven Myers

        “Play by Play: Baseball, Radio and Life in the Last Chance League” by Neal Cohen has a profile towards the end of some guy named Tom who never stopped touring and trying and reinventing ways to reach the major leagues and so what if he fell short…barely survived an independent league season… I don’t remember much else from the book, but that story of Tom and his will…it lingers hopefully a real long time.

      2. cottonbombs Post author

        I respect any one who tries. For me, the litmus test of a player is the one who runs his fastest down the line every time. You can’t always control making contact with the ball, but, you can always give it your all hustling to first.

      3. Steven Myers

        absolutely! seeing players jog casual down to first irritates the heck into me.
        yesterday i seen bryce harper pull off a delayed steal from 2nd to 3rd. he bated the catcher through the count with a big bigger even bigger lead and finally the catcher snapped a throw. harper raced to third safely as soon as the ball left the catcher’s hands. good hustle, effort, and high iq base running.

      4. cottonbombs Post author

        Though, as you know, I’m a big a big Phillies fan via Halladay, I was very impressed how Bryce Harper reacted to getting hit intentionally by Cole Hamels earlier this season. He took it like a ball player, then worked his way around to third, to steal home on the pitcher that had beaned him. I thought, ‘this kid is great’.

      5. Steven Myers

        not that i care where players are born and play sandlot, but in that harper and trout and lawrie began their life north of mexico….it will keep hopefully help baseball kicking in these parts…2030

      6. cottonbombs Post author

        Baseball seems to be growing. With the addition of Yan Gomes from Brazil, and just from playing with my students today, I know that someone is leaving Canada to go back to Europe with a love of baseball in their suitcase. Still, when it comes to the World Baseball Classic: Go Canada!

      7. cottonbombs Post author

        Every pitch to a European that elicits a hit or a smile is like a drop in the bucket that could take the sport across the Atlantic and make those guys realize what they’re missing. This is my hope and my pleasure.

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