Nurturing Mother Nature

The future ain’t what it used to be

you know what the great mystic Yogi Berra means

when he says

it ain’t over til its over

even if the fat lady sings

we’re the miracle of Jesus

we’re the pebbles skipping across the sea

sparking the phosphorescent algae

to sparkle like fireworks upon the waves

neon green and yellow explosions bubbling in the wakes

Mother Nature is the master of alchemy

blending the magic of man

and her invention of watery pyrotechnics

the pebble the flint

the algae the gunpowder

the night the spotlight’s hint

as I throw another stone into the ocean asunder

I sense the flow of life throw me

back to the sea to start again

to learn to breathe without gills again

but better this time

I know that though it is I

to trigger these inky explosions of light and color

I am just the middle man between God and Mother Nature

and though I throw this stone to the sea

I know that it is this stone that throws me.

14 thoughts on “Nurturing Mother Nature

      1. cottonbombs Post author

        Sure, like during a perfect game, the pitcher is the loneliest player on the bench. I have always pitched to that loneliness, coming up short every single hit.

      2. Steven Myers

        every game begins as a perfect game and then a no hitter, shutout, 6 innings, followed by just a victory. gotta go for the gusto!
        i’m trying to keep the brewers improbable run from getting jinxed….but no matter. what an end to a season! and what another page to the growing rivalry that is cardinals brewers.
        it’s no where near yankees red sox or cubs cardinals, but it’s growing.

      3. cottonbombs Post author

        The Brewers were having a hell of a run. As a Phillies fan I kept hoping it would end. Unfortunately for both of us, it looks like only a miracle will keep St. Louis from taking that second wild card. Impressive that in the last few years both teams are relevant at this time of the year, especially this year, when both The Philles and Brewers were counted out around the All Star Break. Bittersweet, but we just had our playoffs in September.

      4. Steven Myers

        brewers still clinging to the medicine cabinet…3 and a half back with 6 to go.
        kind of shaping up to be hard luck for halladay. might he end up as a yankee before all is said and done? like ichiro…to increase the odds of getting one of baseball’s greats a victory dance?

      5. cottonbombs Post author

        As a Phillies fan, September has been more interesting than I expected in July. I’m sure a Brewers fan must think the same. Halladay is just not the same this year. But, I’m such a fan, that if he does end up a Yankee, I’ll end up a Yankee fan. It would be easy to root for a team with Halladay and Ichiro. I’m seeing the Yankees tomorrow take on Toronto at the Rogers Centre. It’s going to be more fun wiht Ichiro in the mix, though, I still hope the Jays clobber them.

      6. cottonbombs Post author

        I was hoping we’d enjoy a game together, but, I know, life is long, baseball, longer. So, as a true Toronto fan would say: better luck next year!

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Tonu! Sure, Will Durant is right, for now. Wait till what the morning brings. I think I just felt a tremor beneath my building. Could we be on the precipice of a great seismic shift…


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