Stars on The Moon

Neil Armstrong was the first to reach 238,857 miles

Sir Edmund Hillary was the first to reach 29,029 feet

Michael Jackson was the first to reach 100,000,000 albums sold

now how we crown celebrities

pay people millions of dollars

just to look good on television

though they’ve said little more than they like cheese

they shine as stars

the glitterati we project above us

like the laser show at the planetarium

real stars are silenced by the sun

fake planetarium stars are killed at the flick of a switch

turning the house lights on

turn the stars pale

lost in the lights

like a fly ball the left fielder can’t reach

still he looks good on a cereal box

so he’s famous

though he can’t hit a breaking ball

still Neil Armstrong shines brighter than them all

and where is his box of Wheaties?

Where is his basketball shoe?

Here he is, the inventor of the moonwalk

and you wouldn’t have recognized him had you had the pleasure of bumping in to him

some would say Neil Armstrong is the greatest actor ever

staging the moon landing

and never breaking character for over forty years

the man is higher than the moon

his name will live longer than our paparazzi induced diet of fame

waiting for when trendy is not being trendy

fashion is unfashionable

fame is obscurity

and we can stop looking to the stars to guide us

one small step for man

one giant leap for mankind.


2 thoughts on “Stars on The Moon

  1. Steven Myers

    i enjoy your tributes here!
    Mr. Armstrong represented a peak in the space program
    that gave birth to all sorts of wonder and technologies
    only to get dusty for 30 way too long years
    saved by do i dare say one man?
    well, if i had to it would be Robert Zubrin who almost single-handedly
    convinced the nay say science world that mars
    was reachable in 10 years rather than 30
    with or without the international space station.

    dave kingman long blasts to jupiter!

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      The shot heard around the world beyond Bobby Thompson could be JFK who said we’d land a man on the moon before the end of the 1960’s. Thanks for the thought, some how this got lost in space.


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