I Pray For Dumb Luck

Though God may not play craps with the universe

we’re all gambling on what comes after

God rolls the bones

still life moves fast

and still

even if you studied the game of dice your entire life

you could never say for sure

what will be read from each die

even an educated guess is ignorant to the laws of luck

luck, good or bad, tops all

“Good luck!” is our favorite good bye

cause your best pension comes not from hard work

but by buying a winning lottery ticket

we are all potential millionaires

even the laziest, least talented bastards amongst us

sure, the harder I work, the luckier I get

but all the smartest decisions I ever make

can’t trump dumb luck

cause even if the House has rigged the game

doesn’t mean the roulette wheel can’t short circuit

and make me a millionaire

still souls have no pockets to hold money

and when the House is ready

to cash in

I’m all in on betting on God

it’s the safe bet

cause the House always wins.


2 thoughts on “I Pray For Dumb Luck

  1. Steven Myers

    playful with the horror and uncertainty here.
    great job!

    that we have no control and little explanation.
    we can tag nature, examine it under a scope, domesticate it,
    but why six crows land on the neighbors roof is beyond us.


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