Song on Mute

All the words I’ve ever said are all the words I’ll ever say

they come from all the books I ever read, but, the order I’ll rearrange,

like the dictionary contains every thought ever made on each page

it’s simply when they’re said how they’re said that separates the fools from the sage.

And I believe that karma spins around

I believe that the words mean more when they’re sound.

Like taking an abstract painting and giving it meaning beyond the art

for its own sake we choose to make right from wrong from the heart

but only the fool tries to find reason there when love lights the way

and not even the sage can find the right words to say.

Words are seeds grown in the sun and grown in the rain

when set to music, when they’re sung, they’re flown off the page.


6 thoughts on “Song on Mute

  1. Steven Myers

    from amoeba to multi-cellular
    and monkey to man…
    we sharpened our language tool.
    i wonder if it was-is only an
    innings eater of a tool in preparation
    for the language of dreams we’ve barely scratched?


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