Chaos Within Cosmos

Haley’s Comet flew through the eyes of William the Conqueror

who saw it as a sign to conqueror something

cause that’s what you do when you’re William the Conqueror, you conquer something

unlike Edward the Confessor who’d conquer your cookie then immediately confess to it

or, John the Liar, who hated Edward the Confessor for giving people the faith

that they could have faith in the words of their leaders

but leaders rise and fall

rules get overruled

except the rules of the Cosmos

from the Maker of gravity and baby ducks

and Haley’s Comet

shooting by every seventy-six years

see you summer 2061, Haley!

seems like every time you come you teach us more and more about comets

like last time you came we finally had the technology to fly along side you and study you

you’re mostly made up of dust and gas

we got that in common

I never inspired no King to take up his sword and take over England

I picked up the pen to write this, so, I did my part to attack something

for one man, it’s the conquering of a piece of the world

for others

it’s a piece of paper

all under the same set of stars

we break the rules grammar

and the sound barrier

yet these stars never fall to the earth

though we look up to see them

the Cosmos looks down and smiles.

2 thoughts on “Chaos Within Cosmos

  1. Steven Myers

    cosmos in us..secrets to be revealed in due time..
    oh! there’s a bus departing along my virgin neural pathway.
    might be the last one of the night. i best be hopping on board.
    get some momentum sliding to do…


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