Playing Hide and Seek with 20,000,000 People (and I’m It)

The world’s largest city is like History

it depends on your text book

if you Wikipedia it you’ll get Tokyo in at number one with over thirty-two million people

but that’s forgetting the Calculus of Calcutta has at least twenty million in homeless alone

but they don’t calculate the ones without the homes

though you can’t miss them

they are everywhere in the city

you can’t walk down a sidewalk at night without stepping on people sleeping

the sidewalks of Calcutta are filled from head to foot with the sleeping and the dead

millions and millions

uncounted and uncared for

and there is only so much money in my pocket

even all the love in my heart

cannot pay the pain away

there’s just too much suffering for one man to right

especially if he’s trying to write it off in rupees

so I write this up to offer up this prayer

that we can see that our facts are so often fiction

so, who’s to say what’s the world’s biggest city?

I am and it’s Dubai

I define big by buildings, skyscrapers, especially

if we’re talking what city has the most people

then I don’t know

though, I’ve been to Calcutta, I didn’t get a chance to count

people are hard to count, they keep moving around

and even at night while sleeping

there are simply too many bodies to count before dawn

maybe twenty million of them or more

I hate to think that I’m rounding down.


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