The Heart, Stomach and Other Organs of Love

They say the way to a man’s heart goes through his stomach

not this man, not this stomach

I’m picky in love, but not such a picky eater

I’ll eat just about anything for dinner

dog, yak, rabbit, live octopus, beating snake’s heart

I’ve tasted them all

doesn’t mean I loved them all

I didn’t even like any of them

but, if someone is kind enough to serve me food

I am kind enough to eat it

who am I to judge another’s diet

til I’ve tried it

holy cow, I eat cow for christsake

eating dog to some is like eating a pet or part of the family

but, dining on a cow to a Hindu is like dieting on their deity

like walking into the church, taking Jesus down from the cross and biting into him like the

Easter Bunny

ears first

(or, are you a feet first kind of person?)

really, either way, I don’t judge

I’m a cow-eater and dog-eater and a beating snakeheart-eater

I got nothing on no one

like I said, I’ll accept anything

except love

this goes beyond the stomach or church

it doesn’t even begin in the bowels beneath the temple walls

it starts in the soul where true love calls

and when was the last time I ate soul food?

How often have dishes that looked bad turned out to be delicious?

How often have kisses that tasted nutritious turned out to be high in sodium?

Still, we must eat to live

and we must love to live

hate like fasting will wither us away

love like laughing will keep the witch with the poisoned apple at bay

and even when we die

love’s spell will outlast us all

as poems, carved stones and children

all proof that love was here

even if she is casting about elsewhere.


6 thoughts on “The Heart, Stomach and Other Organs of Love

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Thank you! NaCl is one of the only chemical compounds I remember from my failed grade 11 chemistry course. I use it in my poetry as often as I can to show Mr. MacDonald that I might have got a 43%, I’m no dummy.

  1. Steven Myers

    fortune cookie message i found this afternoon said…
    “you will experience a life changing event soon.”
    i don’t blame the person who kept the cookie and dumped the words.
    talk about spoiling santa’s surprise.


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