Off Baseball

I lost my baseball game last Saturday

it was a playoff game

we’re one and done in these playoffs

cause I couldn’t hold a three run lead

and I know baseball is a team sport

win as a team

lose as a team

but the pitcher alone takes the W or L

and had I done my job

we would have beat The Cubs

this is the same team that cut me to start the season

I wanted to show them what they missed

I wanted to prove that living well is the best revenge

and living well means throwing strikes right past The Cubs

but I couldn’t hit the strike zone

and my failure gives them the game

I had my heart set on winning

I practiced so hard between games

I felt so confident

and still I sucked

and the loss struck me

like a gut shot

then today as I was walking from the baseball field

where I take my students to play every week

I bump into a player from The Cubs and his daughter

we stop, smile at each other and I congratulate him on the game

then I tell his daughter

“Your daddy beat me in a baseball game!”

and the little girl’s smile almost took the pain away.

4 thoughts on “Off Baseball

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Rose! I remember when throwing rocks at buoys in the lake (that`s bUoys, by the way, not bOys which would be cruel and uncalled for) was enough to keep me amused for ages. I remember it like it was yesterday, cause it was yesterday.


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