Journey To The Center Of Gravity

Every where is the center of the universe

every man is Mr. Universe

even though we’re told to share

and to get over ourselves

we’ve scaled Mt. Everest

we’ve landed on Mars

yet not got to the bottom of the sea

we look up not in for our problems and our solutions

like drinking beer on a Saturday night

words bubbling up

like foam at the back of my tongue

I’m happy I’ve made myself so dumb

sure, I can write, but don’t ask me to make you toast

probably burn the whole town down

I toast the enlightenment of my stupidity

who knows what bunk waits to be debunked

who knows what grows at the bottom of the sea

I pour more liquid inside me

with every bottle drunk

and every thought thunk

I find myself chasing this computer cursor across this computer screen

and I’ve almost got it, it’s just one letter away

it just jumped lines

I jumped too

I’m the drunk falling softly from the horse

I’m ready to do some spelunking, I’m ready to change course

I’m ready to fall into any crevasse, crawl into any cave

I’m ready to save and to be saved

we’ll get to the bottom of this eventually

why not now?

I don’t know

you tell me.

4 thoughts on “Journey To The Center Of Gravity

  1. granbee

    Maybe when you completely let go, you will land in exactly the right tree branch on the way down and sprout new wings and fly away to the center of your own soul?


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